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Train Kept A Rollin’

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Rollapaluza CC Home 

Instead of going to a strip bar and getting so drunk you allow your best friends to strip you naked and put you on a train bound for Belgrade, my mate Webby decided to eschew a traditional style stag night and introduce the Dunwich Dynamo into the celebration of his impending shacklement.

The plan was to ride the DD then decamp to another friend’s house, reasonably nearby, where we would eat, drink and be merry.

off license

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London to Paris 2008. REPORT

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Rollapaluza had three riders in this event, below is Desi’s ride diary…… Read more »

Diary of a racing novice.

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Thought I’d share my last month’s goings on, anything but a normal month on bikes. I’ve been quiet on this forum, been re-building my bike, for reasons I’ll explain. Read more »

Club Runs

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Rollapaluza club runs are growing in popularity.

You do not have to be a club member to join our relaxed and friendly runs, you do not have to have the latest bike, you don’t even have to have a road bike, fixed wheel bikes are common and we have regular female participants.

We currently meet most Sundays (check for updates on forum) at the cafe at the top of Broadway Market at 9.30 am for a 3-3.5 hour ride, our most regular ride leader is Bill, who has great knowledge of the Essex lanes.

Tour of Wessex 2008. Report.

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This just in from Clive….

Just got back from ToW. Had to abandon on third day. The weather was too too awful and frankly dangerous. About fifty really hard cases set off. Four returned after about two miles and said that they were aquaplaning with cross winds. Confirmed that we made the right decision. Read more »

Mac’s first “win”

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Ok, so its not in the same league as Hippy’s recent epic White Horse ride or Jos’ race wins but yesterday I scored another “win” for the club. I entered my first Sportive down in the South Downs and on the basis of having been injured alot recently and not having many miles in my legs I decided to do the short 40 mile option .Whilst relatively short in distance it had about 800m of climbing so it certainly wasn’t flat. Read more »

Club member writes todays Two Wheels Guardian article

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As written by club member Buffalo Bill.

Fixing The Speech Chain

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(this article also first appeared on
Cycling, like speech, has become an essential tool for navigating our day-to-day lives. Both things incorporate aspects of anatomy, physics, biology, neurology and psychology – and, of course, linguistics – and both deal with a complicated array of tubes and mechanisms designed to channel the vibrations caused by our interactions with the physical world around us. Read more »

Peddlars & Pushers

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(this article previously appeared on, Will Hubjub’s fixed off-roading site)

Whatever your feelings on the matter, it’s undeniable that drugs and cycling go hand in hand. If you tallied up the column inches that have been devoted to the subject in the media over the past few decades, they’d probably cover the same distance as the lycra-clad pros do during a couple of excruciating weeks at the start of July. Clubrooms, changing-rooms, café-stops and cycling-specific internet forums are constantly buzzing with debates about the latest ‘did he or didn’t he?’ scandal in the life of another cyclist, be they local hero or branded global icon. Read more »