RESULTS Rollapaluza CC 2010 Postponed Special ‘Not a Race’ Xmas Hill Climb Training Session

On 29 January 2011 the postponed Xmas Hill Climb was held on Swains Lane Highgate. 

First of all a big thanks to Daccordi and Ludwig for helping out/freezing their butts off without even having the pleasure of doing the climb!! And a mega merci to Harrong for lending Olivier his mountain goat at the last second. Definitely domestique of the year!

Name (time, seconds/kilo)
George (2:24:02, 1.61)
Justin (2:00:87, 1.51)
Sean (2:04:27, 1.29)
Pink/Andy (2:15:12, 1.41) + best and only fixed rider
John (2:25:71, 1.48)
Jenny (3:19:18, 2.84)
Olivier (1:55:01, 1.17)

2010 Hill Climb Trophies to Jenny (female champ), Sean (seconds/kilo terminator), Olivier (best male) and in the spirit of Rollapaluza we decided to have a draw for the top prize – a massage offered by BlueRip/Michael’s Cycle Clinic (Thanks Michael!). This was won by Andy. The fastest bike was John’s but we let him keep it.

Hill devil Tom was there but couldn’t do the climb because of his knee. Otherwise he would have trashed us all. Now he had to settle for sausages and mash as we all enjoyed a drink at The Flask.

A big thank goes out to Olivier for organising this. 

The Rollas prepare for battle:

Roll Call

George Enjoys a well earned drink in the Flask:

George Drinking Grappa

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