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Fixing The Speech Chain

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Cycling, like speech, has become an essential tool for navigating our day-to-day lives. Both things incorporate aspects of anatomy, physics, biology, neurology and psychology – and, of course, linguistics – and both deal with a complicated array of tubes and mechanisms designed to channel the vibrations caused by our interactions with the physical world around us. Read more »

Peddlars & Pushers

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Whatever your feelings on the matter, it’s undeniable that drugs and cycling go hand in hand. If you tallied up the column inches that have been devoted to the subject in the media over the past few decades, they’d probably cover the same distance as the lycra-clad pros do during a couple of excruciating weeks at the start of July. Clubrooms, changing-rooms, café-stops and cycling-specific internet forums are constantly buzzing with debates about the latest ‘did he or didn’t he?’ scandal in the life of another cyclist, be they local hero or branded global icon. Read more »

New Members

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After today’s launch, we have five new members joining the existing five founder members….Updated….now 24 members

Injured riders

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Rollapaluza was saddened to hear about the injuries sustained by two London couriers on the same day last week, to read more and donate towards their emergency fund click here.

Club Roller race pictures

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Click here for results and pictures.